Monday, 10 June 2019

Porsche 911 First Month Costs

Having now owned my second 911 for a month I thought it worth giving an update on the costs incurred to date. Quite a lot of this is entirely optional and was my choice because I wanted the car to look a certain way. The actual required spend to keep the car on the road is actually a fairly small part of this.

I've needed to service the car as it was overdue a service despite having done very little mileage. I replaced the air filter, pollen/cabin filter and oil with oil filter. Total cost was £84.38

I also needed to replace the sunroof seal which cost £60 from my Porsche dealer. The original Becker CR22 radio wasn't working properly so I replaced that at a cost of £35.

Porsche 911 First Month Costs
Porsche 911 First Month Costs

Optional items I've bought are new front and rear bumpers (£240), new Porsche Sport Classic GT3 wheels for a total of £325. The wheels came with tyres that I'll be selling to offset some of that cost.

Adding all of these together the total I've spent for the first month was £664 but the vast majority of that was for items I didn't desperately need and will also be offset by the sale of the current wheels and bumpers.

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