Friday, 27 December 2019

Porsche 996 Bonnet Release Locked Seized

I'd not used my 911 for a few weeks and when I went to open the boot I found that the release lever was seized and couldn't be moved. I already had the bolts removed so was able to lift the lever mechanism from the car but there was no obvious reason why it couldn't be opened.

I noticed an online guide that suggested it was due to the locks going into a dormant state so tried locking and unlocking the car which resolved the problem

The early Porsche Boxster and 911/996 models have a manual cable release for the trunk/bonnet/boot unlike the later ones that are purely electronic and can cause problems if the battery is flat. In order to fix it Make sure your battery is kept in good condition if you don't use the locks, otherwise the boot/trunk may get locked out and you will need to use a recovery procedure like this. Alternatively always leave the car with boot/trunk/engine compartments open when stored for a period of time in the garage so that you can easily access the battery to recharge.

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