Sunday, 31 March 2019

Porsche 944 Power Steering hose replacement

I noticed that the feed hose from the power steering reservoir to the pump was leaking so looked at replacements. The genuine part from Porsche was over £45, there was an aftermarket option for around £25 but that wasn't available so I have to investigate alternatives.

Fortunately the great staff at Aghabridge on Medway City Estate came up trumps and were able to supply 12mm suitable hose to fit from the reservoir to pump. While checking the hoses I noticed that there was also an upgraded part to replace the banjo bolt that connects the pipe to the power steering pump so I ordered that from Porsche directly.

Porsche 944 Power Steering hose replacement
Porsche 944 power steering banjo replacement
All parts were now ready so all I needed to do was fit them. I'd read that the power steering hose needed to be routed differently as the feed now comes directly out from the top of the pump rather than the side with the banjo bolt but that actually made a much tidier connection with the feed going straight up to the reservoir above. The 12mm hose was very tight to fit to the reservoir but with some washing up liquid and warming the hose it eventually went on

Successful job and nice to know that the hose is now new and should be good for another few years.

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