Monday, 5 May 2014

Posrche 996 Open Bonnet Battery Disconnected

The Porsche 996 features an electronic bonnet release which is great until the battery is dead. It is even more of a problem if the battery is disconnected as it means that the normal solution of connecting a spare battery to a terminal in the car doesn't work as it cannot complete the circuit.

I was in that situation when I had the battery disconnected to work on the door in order to replace the window regulator. So the battery terminals were removed and the bonnet open to enable access. However my son thought he was being very helpful by shutting the bonnet(hood) for me as he believed it had been left open by mistake.

So I now have a closed bonnet/hood and a disconnected battery that I cannot use to open the bonnet again. Disaster!

However there is a way - albeit rather convoluted - that enables you to open the bonnet when there is no power to the battery. You need to remove the right hand wheel and liner then there is a loop of wire tucked away by the side of the headlight - pull on that and it releases the bonnet/hood catch.

Pictures to follow

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