Thursday, 27 April 2017

Changing Leather Car Seat Colour

With the driver's seat in my Porsche 944 being very seriously worn I decided to get the front seats retrimmed and have had them finished in black leather with soft perforated leather inserts. The trimmers also built up the side bolsters so they are closer to the profile of the 944 Turbo seats which should make them more supportive when driving.

Photo of Porsche 944 seat retrimmed in leather
Porsche 944 seat retrimmed in leather

In order to match them I needed to get rear seats also in leather and found them selling on eBay for much less than it would cost to retrim the rear sections. Unfortunately the set that I managed to find weren't in the correct colour so I've needed to get them recoloured.

I found a site called Furniture Clinic that sell kits to recolour leather seats so ordered a kit to do the job. There are several parts to the process which includes abrasion of the surface coating with pad and solvent to remove protective layers followed by application of new colourant to set the new colour on the leather. 

The photo above shows the seat part way through having started to remove the coating with abrasive pad and solvent. I'm working through the process and will update with more info once I've got the finished car seats and new colour

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

New Fuel Pump Porsche 944

The original reason for stripping down the rear chassis of my Porsche 944 was to replace the fuel lines which were severely corroded. Before fitting replacement fuel pipes it seemed to make sense to also replace other components too so I've also replaced the fuel pump and associated filter. The pump appeared to be original so has done well with 31 years service and 180,000 miles of driving.

Old fuel pump
The old fuel pump showing the very corroded fuel lines into it. The pump is protected by a thick rubber housing that needs to be removed to be able to fit the new pump into it. It's a very tight fit but the end of the pump with the terminals should come out of the housing

New shiny fuel pump side by side with the old one

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Porsche 944 Torque Tube refurbishment

When we took my Porsche 944 apart one item I was concerned could be worn was the torque tube as there was some noise and vibration when driving. There were various options available to refurbish or restore the existing torque tube but some of the costs were prohibitive at this point with a replacement around the £700 range. Fortunately I found a supplier on Ebay that was selling a used torque tube from a low mileage 944 and was able to deliver for a total of £65.

A few days after placing the order a very heavy, very large parcel arrived at the house. It had been very well wrapped with cardboard to prevent damage and once unwrapped looked in good condition with the shaft having no apparent play or noise from the bearings.

The outside of the tube was rather dirty with rust deposits so with the rest of the car being cleaned and resprayed I wanted to make sure that this was in better condition before I refitted it to the car.

Porsche 944 Torque Tube refurbishment
Porsche 944 Torque Tube refurb
 I used a wire brush on a drill bit as well as electric sander to prepare the surface and remove all the old paint and rust from the tube. Once done it was then painted with rust killer and then a couple of coats of Hammerite black paint to ensure that it looks much smarter.

Porsche 944 Torque Tube painted
Porsche 944 Torque Tube painted

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

944 Progress Update

It's been a little while since I posted but a lot has happened in that time! The rust on the sills was needing attention after originally only stripping the rear of the car to replace the fuel lines!

Porsche 944 rusty sills
So having removed, gearbox, torque tube, axle, brakes, shock absorbers, exhaust and fuel tank the car was ready to get welding. I struggled to find a local garage that were able to do the work so at the end of January 2017 the car went off on the back of a truck to Banbury to be fixed by Nash at Retro Restorer who specialises in Porsche 944 and was incredibly helpful over the phone.

While the car is away I've got the seats back from the trimmers and will be collecting all the parts I need to be able to complete the restoration when the car comes back.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Porsche 944 Sill Rust Replacement

The sills on my Porsche 944 are in severe need of replacement as seen in previous photos. I've been struggling to find a suitable welder to work on them. Today I found a 944 specialist who appears to have done many 944 sill replacements where the level of rust damage is very similar to my car. After a short conversation I was very impressed and am hoping to pop in next week to have a chat.

I'll update the blog with more details but Retro restorer looks very promising as an option for repairing my 944.

The title of the blog sums it up perfectly!

Porsche 944 Sill Rust Replacement
Porsche 944 Sill Rust Replacement

Porsche 944 Sill Rust Replacement

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Removing Fuel Line Clips Porsche 944

The fuel lines on my 944 are rusted to pieces so need replacing. Once all the rear drivetrain and suspension is removed the next step is removing the fuel line clips. On the Porsche 944 the fuel lines and brake lines are held in by rubber and metal clips retained with a plastic screw. I found a Torx T25 fitted inside the plastic screw clip to undo them.


Rusted fuel lines porsche 944

Rusted fuel lines porsche 944
Rusted fuel lines porsche 944

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Porsche 944 Replacement Sills Panels

I posted photos of the rotten sills on my 944 but have now managed to obtain a pair of brand new genuine replacement sill panels to use on the car. These are available directly from Porsche for around £600 but I found a seller on Porsche Club GB who no longer owned a 944 that was disposing of spare parts.

Porsche 944 Replacement Sills Panels
Porsche 944 Replacement Sills Panels

Porsche 944 Replacement Sills Panels

Next stage is to arrange for the rusted areas to be cut out and the welding to be done