Sunday, 21 April 2019

1986 Porsche 944 2.5 Lux For Sale £6495

Thanks to finding a Porsche 911 project I need garage space so unfortunately am needing to sell my 1986 Porsche 944 2.5 Lux. It's currently on eBay and Porsche forums for £6495 - a bargain for someone when the restoration work alone has cost over £8500.

Porsche 944 Lux, 2.5 litre engine, 5 speed manual, 187000 miles so under 6k per year

I’ve owned this for 3 years and carried out a major restoration project in that time with receipts since I’ve owned the car of over £8500. The car has done under 1000 miles since recommissioning with new MOT in 2017 and has only been used in the dry since then. The quantity and quality of parts replaced is shown by the last 2 MOTs with zero advisories.

MOT to 9th September 2019

Car has modern radio with USB/Aux fitted but original Blaupunkt radio/cassette will be supplied.

Two massive history ring binder files of Service History with receipts for work done over the last 30 years and huge pile of receipts for parts and work I have done since owning the car which totals well over £8500. I have DVLA ownership history showing all owners of the car with copies of V5 transfers and original purchase receipts dating back to 1989 when it was sold at 3 years old for £19000 by AFN Porsche.
This is possibly one of the most sorted Porsche 944 cars out there. Since I’ve owned the car it has been subject to a full underbody strip down and rebuild with sills replaced and the whole car then resprayed in the original guards (India) red with glass out.

The front seats have been re-trimmed in black with soft perforated leather centres and leather effect outer panels and black rear leather seats

Full service with new oil, filter, air filter, fuel filter (May 2018)
All below work was carried out as part of rebuild before MOT in September 2017
New sills both sides
Car underbody waxoyled before parts refitted
New hard fuel lines front to back and associated rubber lines
New Bosch fuel pump
New brake lines & hoses and brake fluid renewed
New brake discs, pads and rear shoes
New front shock absorbers
New brake disc dust covers
New ARB bushes front and back
New gearbox mount
New rear suspension mounts
New gear selector improved mechanism (Only944)
Gearbox oil replaced
New window rubbers
Door lock replacement
Clutch slave cylinder replacement
New stainless steel exhaust – both sections replaced
New coolant bottle and coolant change

Wheels refurbished with new tyres & refurbished centre caps
New windscreen May 2018
New tyres all round June 2018
New engine mounts July 2016
New sunroof relays July 2016
New timing and balance belts 2015 (due Nov 2019 at earliest)
Replacement torque tube

Sunroof bag and original toolkit are included with the car

Sunday, 31 March 2019

Porsche 944 Power Steering hose replacement

I noticed that the feed hose from the power steering reservoir to the pump was leaking so looked at replacements. The genuine part from Porsche was over £45, there was an aftermarket option for around £25 but that wasn't available so I have to investigate alternatives.

Fortunately the great staff at Aghabridge on Medway City Estate came up trumps and were able to supply 12mm suitable hose to fit from the reservoir to pump. While checking the hoses I noticed that there was also an upgraded part to replace the banjo bolt that connects the pipe to the power steering pump so I ordered that from Porsche directly.

Porsche 944 Power Steering hose replacement
Porsche 944 power steering banjo replacement
All parts were now ready so all I needed to do was fit them. I'd read that the power steering hose needed to be routed differently as the feed now comes directly out from the top of the pump rather than the side with the banjo bolt but that actually made a much tidier connection with the feed going straight up to the reservoir above. The 12mm hose was very tight to fit to the reservoir but with some washing up liquid and warming the hose it eventually went on

Successful job and nice to know that the hose is now new and should be good for another few years.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Porsche 944 New Fuel Lines - Replacing Corroded Steel Fuel Lines

When I first started the strip down of my Porsche 944 in 2016 the plan was to replace the fuel lines and brake lines. In the event I also found other corrosion that required a much bigger job including welding both the sills.

Once the welding had been completed and I came to purchase new fuel lines I found that parts of them were no longer available from Porsche UK so I had to look at alternatives.

As outlined in this blog post I bought some 8mm and 10mm copper tubing along with connectors to fit them. They did the job and got the car running as well as passing the MOT for the last couple of years.

However I was never totally happy with the fit as it was very hard to get the lines to have the correct profile with all the turns under the body through the wheel arch. I found out today that the lines are back in stock with Porsche UK so I've got them on order and should have them ready to fit this weekend.

Update - just picked up the new fuel lines. They weren't cheap at £162 but well worth it to have lines that correctly fit the underside of the car.

The part numbers for the 2 pieces of the fuel lines for my 1986 Porsche 944 2.5 NA car are P944 356 969 11 for the supply line and P944 356 937 10 for the return.

The fuel lines originally were 1 piece but they are now 2 pieces and join in the middle of the car

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Porsche 944 Rear Knocking Noise

I recently found my Porsche 944 had developed a knocking noise coming from the rear of the car when driving over bumps and uneven surfaces so had the car jacked up to investigate. I checked all the suspension components, the shock absorbers, the anti roll bar and the various mounts for gearbox and rear axle. Nothing appeared to be amiss and I couldn't find any components that were loose or could be touching together to make any noises or sounds from the car.

Porsche 944 Rear Knocking Noise
Porsche 944 Rear Knocking Noise
After checking underneath the car I had the tailgate open to replace the toolkit and realised that I'd not looked at the spare tyre. Lifting the carpet I noticed that the bolt holding the spare wheel to the bodywork was loose meaning the wheel could move every time there was movement in the car. 

After tightening this back up the noise has gone and the problem of the knocking sound in the car has been solved.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Kent's Classic Car Show at Aylesford Priory 2018

I took my Porsche 944 to the Kent Classic Car Show at Aylesford Priory near Maidstone yesterday with TIPEC - The Indpendent Porsche Enthusiast Club. There was a great turnout of cars ranging from those dating back to the 1920s through to current vehicles - some clearly not classics!
Kent Classic Car Show Aylesford 2018
Kent Classic Car Show Aylesford 2018

Ford Escort RS Turbo G869KAH
Ford Escort RS Turbo G869KAH

Triumph TR6 NDH23J
Triumph TR6 NDH23J

Fiesta XR2 D562NOV
Fiesta XR2 D562NOV

Fiesta RS 1800i K856CJN
Fiesta RS 1800i K856CJN

Jaguar NWR470A

Friday, 4 May 2018

New Windscreen Fitted to 944 & Radio Aerial Fixed

When my Porsche 944 was resprayed the windscreen was removed and refitted but unfortunately the screen wasn't aligned correctly so was slightly higher on one side meaning the rubber trim didnt sit flat.

National Windscreens in Rochester checked the car and agreed that it needed to be refitted so this week the car was booked in and left with them at their workshop for the job to be done.

As you can see the windscreen now fits flush to the body and even better the radio works properly as the new windscreen has the aerial built in and no longer suffers from corrosion on the connections!