Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Porsche 944 Fuel Lines Replacement - How to Replace Corroded Lines for low cost

I needed to replace the fuel lines on Porsche 944 and originally planned to get genuine Porsche parts. However having fitted the lines and tried to connect them to the rubber fuel lines in the engine bay I found that the lines supplied were not correct and were for a 16V model not the 8V that I have which meant the connections were in the wrong direction.
Photo of Porsche 944 rusted leaking fuel lines
Photo of Porsche 944 rusted leaking fuel lines

Unfortunately the correct lines were out of stock at Porsche with no estimated delivery date so without them I would be unable to get my car back on the road. The front sections of the lines looked fairly straightforward, the feed line was 10mm steel and the return line was 8mm. Steel wasn't an option but looking online it appeared that Kunifer alloy lines would probably do the job.

All I needed was somewhere to locate the correct fittings so I could join the new pipes to the existing. I was very lucky to find a company locally called Aghabridge based on Medway City Estate near Rochester. After taking the original lines in to them they measured the fittings and the 10mm pipe has M16 x 1.5mm threaded connectors and the 8mm line had M14 x 1.5mm. They were also able to supply and flare the 8mm and 10mm Kunifer tubing so that I could bend the pipe into the correct shape. I believe they can probably shape the pipes too but that was something I could do myself.

For the front section of the lines you will need:

2x M16 1.5mm fittings
1x M14 1.5mm fitting (only 1 needed as the rubber pipe in engine bay connects with clip)

122cm of 10mm Kunifer or copper line/pipe
132cm of 8mm Kunifer or copper pipe

The 8mm line is slightly longer due to the route it takes and the staggered nature of the join under the car.

Flaring tool or workshop to flare ends of pipe

I already had the rear sections of the fuel lines from Porsche but in hindsight could have used the Kunifer lines for the whole car which would have been a massive saving.

The Porsche lines in total are around £500. Kunifer with all the fittings would be about £60.

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