Thursday, 27 April 2017

Changing Leather Car Seat Colour

With the driver's seat in my Porsche 944 being very seriously worn I decided to get the front seats retrimmed and have had them finished in black leather with soft perforated leather inserts. The trimmers also built up the side bolsters so they are closer to the profile of the 944 Turbo seats which should make them more supportive when driving.

Photo of Porsche 944 seat retrimmed in leather
Porsche 944 seat retrimmed in leather

In order to match them I needed to get rear seats also in leather and found them selling on eBay for much less than it would cost to retrim the rear sections. Unfortunately the set that I managed to find weren't in the correct colour so I've needed to get them recoloured.

I found a site called Furniture Clinic that sell kits to recolour leather seats so ordered a kit to do the job. There are several parts to the process which includes abrasion of the surface coating with pad and solvent to remove protective layers followed by application of new colourant to set the new colour on the leather. 

The photo above shows the seat part way through having started to remove the coating with abrasive pad and solvent. I'm working through the process and will update with more info once I've got the finished car seats and new colour

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