Sunday, 22 May 2016

What is the correct Porsche 944 Battery Size?

When I bought my Porsche 944 the battery fitted seemed too small. In the UK the battery on an oval dash post 85.5 car is situated in the rear below the carpet. The car didn't turn over very smoothly but more importantly the battery sitting in the tray couldn't be secured because it wasn't long enough to reach the securing clamp.  

The battery fitted was an 063 model as can be seen in the photo below. With some research on Porsche forums and some helpful advice from other owners it appears that the correct battery should be a 096.

What is the correct Porsche 944 Battery Size?
What is the correct Porsche 944 Battery Size?  This one is too small

With this information I did some more checking and spoke to my local battery shop, Battery Specialists South East who are always very happy to advise. I managed to get an Exide 096 battery for £60 which compared very favourably to the likes of Eurocarparts etc.

The 063 battery is only 207mm long and has a cranking amp rating of 380 whereas the 096 battery is 278mm long with a rating of 680A, almost double the 063 battery but critically the 278mm length was the size needed to fit the retaining clamp.

Before refitting the rather dirty looking clamp I cleaned it, rust proofed, primed and sprayed it so that it wouldn't corrode when fitted back in. The 096 battery is now fitted and secured, removing one of the noises I'd noticed when going over a bump as well as improving the starting of the car.

New Exide 096 battery in Porsche 944
As can be seen below, with the new larger battery the clamp now fits and secures the battery into the tray 
Battery clamp now fits on larger 278mm battery

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