Friday, 2 January 2015

VW Golf GTI 16V Purchase - Classic 25 Year Old Car

After selling my Porsche 996 I decided that I wanted to try another older car that I remembered from my teenage years. I had previously driven a 1986 Golf GTI 8V but that got written off in 1999.

Photo of 1986 VW Golf GTI 8V crashed & written off
1986 MK2 VW Golf 8V crashed & written off
This time I bought a 1989 Golf GTI 16V that was in good mechanical condition and no serious rust but needed some TLC to tidy up some minor issues such as switches to fix.

1989 VW Golf GTI 16V
  I've created another blog to record how I get on with the car and the practicalities of running a 25 year old car to use on a daily basis.  VW Golf MK2 GTI as daily drive

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  1. I bought one of these beauties a couple of years ago. It is a fantastic car and the best thing is that if you ever get tired of it, you'll be able to sell it easily. Although the one I bought was in good condition, I had to buy a cooling system. Since it was hard to find, I got it at and the mechanic installed it in less than 3 days.