Monday, 2 September 2013

Porsche 911 Litronic Headlights - Beam Seems Dim Not Bright As Expected?

When I bought my Porsche 911 one of the items on the spec sheet were Litronic Headlights that apparently give an excellent long distance beam and were a high cost extra option when new. On drving the Porsche home at night I wasn't overly impressed by the headlights but with a new car it is hard to tell when something is as expected or is an issue such as the Litronic headlights being much dimmer than standard.

Video of removing Porsche 911-996 Litronic Headlights and adjustment for continental driving

When preparing the 911 for taking to Europe I worked through the owners manual section to switch the Litronics from UK to Continental adjusted beams aware that this would reduce down the power of the lights. On removing the Litronic headlight units I found that the switch for UK/Continental (on the Litronic units shown as O/T) was already set to T for Tourist so needed no further adjustment.

Having returned back to the UK one of the first jobs was to correct the Litronic lights so that they were correctly set to O (for Origin) and hopefully increase the power of the lights in the process. I also videoed the procedure for Litronic headlight removal so that anyone interested would be able to see the way it works. The Litronic units are simply held on using a metal rod that can be switched in and out of position to release them using a 5mm Allen key.

The photos below are taken before and after the adjustment of the headlights - the top ones show the Litronic units set to T for Continental driving and the lower shots are set correctly for the UK.

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