Sunday, 15 September 2013

Porsche 996 Running Costs 2013 - Fixed Price Servicing

Porsche 996 Running Costs - Porsche Centres Cut Service Costs - Fixed Price Servicing

I've found out from one of the Porsche Forums that Official Porsche Centres are now offering fixed price servicing for the Porsche 911 - 996 Model. This means that an Official Porsche dealer will carry out an interim / minor service for as low as £265 meaning that the running costs for a 996 are substantially lower than later models.

The Porsche 997 still has much higher service costs so it looks like Porsche centres are trying to tempt owners to stay with them for older models. Unfortunately our Porsche centre is some distance away so even at these lower prices it won't be that easy to make use of.

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