Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Porsche 911 Leaking Petrol Cap - O Ring Rubber Seal Perished

One of the items picked up on the inspection of my 2001 Carrera 2 Porsche 996 model was that the rubber O ring seal on the petrol cap was perished so that petrol could escape from the tank if full and turning a sharp corner. Obviously as a potential safety issue this was something I wanted to fix.

Porsche 911 Leaking Petrol Cap - Rubber Seal Perished
Porsche 911 Leaking Petrol Cap - O ring Rubber Seal Perished
I did think about replacing the rubber O ring seal of the petrol filler cap but the cost of a new cap was under £10 from Design911 so I bought a new one instead. The new cap was simple to replace and just needed pliers to stretch the rubber cable over the rivet that attaches it to the car.

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