Thursday, 10 November 2016

Porsche 944 Rear Fuel Lines Replacement

After seeing my Porsche 944 on the ramp it was clear that the rear Fuel Lines needed replacement. Unfortunately it isn't an easy job without removing most of the rear of the underneath of the car but that also gave an opportunity to refresh lots of tired components at the same time as well as examine common rust spots in detail.

So having prepared the garage for the car to sit in for a few weeks (now turning into months!) the first job was to jack the car and support on stands. There is a point just in front of the rear arches that will support an axle stand so we raised the car as high as we could to give the best access.

First job was to remove the wheels, then brakes, calipers followed by discs. Once discs are off you can remove the drive shafts. I've been bagging up all the bolts in separate bags labelled to keep a track of where they need to go back afterwards but quite a few are likely to be replaced with new parts.

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