Wednesday, 16 November 2016

New 944 Gearbox Mount

One of the items I knew I wanted to replace while the rear of the car was in pieces was the gearbox mount. I try to get parts from my local Porsche dealer, OPC Tonbridge but unfortunately the part was on back order and would not arrive for a couple of months. Having looked around several suppliers and drawn a blank I found that Eurocarparts had a Porsche 944 gearbox mount available shown as "VM" brand and with their 30% discount code it was a decent saving compared to the Porsche centre.

Despite the website saying the part would be in stock within 7 days I soon received an email that the mount had been delayed and would now be a couple of weeks. Fortunately the car is still being taken apart so there was no rush for the part to be available.

Roll on a couple of weeks and the parcel arrived with the gearbox mount in. Imagine my surprise to open the box and find that the part is a genuine Porsche mount exactly as I would have got from the Porsche dealer! Something else to tick off the list for jobs!

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