Thursday, 7 July 2016

Replacing Porsche 944 Electric Wing Mirror Adjustment Motors

I've managed to remove the wing mirror glass on the Porsche 944 to investigate why the passenger wing mirror doesn't fully adjust electrically. I'd tested the switch which seemed ok, the driver's side worked fine and the passenger side made a noise when the adjustment was pressed.

Having found a couple of fairly poor quality videos online I'll make a clearer one to show how to remove the mirror glass but having removed the clip I found that one of the adjustment arms had snapped meaning the mirror wouldn't move in that direction.

Next step was to find a replacement motor mechanism, Porsche mirror motors seem to be quite expensive but identical looking ones for other makes are far cheaper. I've taken the plunge and will see if they do actually fit!

Once done I'll post back with a video showing what I found out!

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