Saturday, 4 June 2016

Porsche 944 Engine Mount Replacement

Having found vibration from the engine at low RPM I decided that it would be worth replacing the engine (motor) mounts especially as I could find no record of them being changed in the recent service history.

There were some great guides online in particular Clarks Garage had a very useful tutorial. One other guide included a complete swearing dictionary among the tools required - from bitter experience now that is a key part of the procedure!

To access the right hand side mount you also need to remove the heat shield that protects the engine mount from the heat of the exhaust.

Porsche 944 engine mount heat shield - 1986 model
Porsche 944 engine mount heat shield

First stage is now complete - existing bolts all removed and loosened. Stage 2 will be raising the engine to fit the new Myle mounts.

Porsche 944 engine mount -original style
Porsche 944 engine mount -original style

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