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What was the Porsche 944 Lux Original List Price?

When I bought my Porsche 944 it came with a massive history folder which included a few sales invoices when previous owners had bought the car. It was interesting to see the change in price of the 944 over the years but it's proved very hard to find out what the price of a Porsche 944 was when brand new and there seems to be almost no information about the price list for the 944.

The invoices I have for my 1986 Porsche 944 are from 1989, 1991 and 2011 so quite a massive gap in time but partly due to the lack of ownership changes in that time.

In 1989 when my Porsche 944 Lux was 3 years old it sold for £19,000, two years later that had dropped to £12,500. Another 20 years down the line the price was only £1770!

I did manage to find the article below with some rough prices but I'm guessing the list price must have increased or the options list bumped up the initial sale price quite a bit if a 944S was £23,977 in 1987. Depreciation would have been tiny if my 944 still sold for £19,000 when it was 3 years old in 1989.

Porsche 944 Lux Original List Price
What was the Porsche 944 Lux Original List Price?


UK LAUNCH At launch in 1982 the 944 cost £12,999, bridging the gap between the base 924 at £9103 and the 911SC at £16,732. That also pitched the 944 just beneath the pacier £13,998 924 Turbo. For wider-world comparisons, Mazda’s RX-7 came nearly four grand cheaper at £9199, while the Lotus Eclat was in base 911 territory at £16,750. Ferrari’s Mondial was £24,500, just £750 less than the Porsche 928S. 

944 EVOLUTION At launch in 1985 the 944 Turbo cost £25,311; the 944 S, appearing two years later, cost £23,977; and in 1989 the final evolution S2 was priced at £31,304. 

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