Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Monthly Running Costs Porsche 911 - Total for September

Having bought my Porsche 911 on 8 August 2013, September was my first full month of ownership so this is the first complete monthly costs. The numbers are skewed by a trip to Germany at the start of the month which increased the fuel costs but there were only a few other costs in September.

purchase of Porsche 996 GT3 seats
purchase of Porsche 996 GT3 seats
Probably the biggest cost was the purchase of Porsche 996 GT3 seats. Luckily the cost of these seats was offset by the sale of the previous seats in the car so the net cost to change was only £50.

No other costs were incurred during the month so the totals were as below:

Fuel - £268
Seats - £50

Total for September : £318

Overall Costs:

Fuel: 374 litres            £532
Seats:                           £50
Parts:                           £100
Service/Inspection:     £240

Total Ownership Costs:


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