Monday, 26 August 2013

Porsche 911 (Model 996) Carrera 2 Coupe Purchase Inspection Costs

When buying my Porsche 996 Carrera 2 Coupe I took a friend who is a mechanic with me to inspect the various Porsche 911 models that I was looking at. I did consider a Pre-Purchase Inspection but having used a list of common issues & faults with the 996 model of the Porsche Carrera as part of our checks I decided not to do so. I will list the checks we carried out for the Porsche 911 (996 Carrera)  as part of another blog post.

Having bought the car I wanted to get an oil change carried out as the previous owner had only done very low mileage over the last 3 years but with 18 months since the previous service I decided that an oil change would be worthwhile.

I spoke to a number of Porsche specialists in the Kent and Sussex area but I was extremely impressed when speaking to Precision Porsche on the phone who are based near Uckfield in East Sussex. I booked the car for an oil change but also for them to check for any issues that they could see while the Carrera 2 Coupe was on the ramp. They were as helpful in person as on the phone and came for a road test in the car to check that all was driving as expected - fortunately it was!

They carried out a very comprehensive check of the car and provided a list of issues they identified, none of which were major and many would only be spotted by a Porsche dealer or Porsche specialist such as Coolant Cap being an old part number. Apparently he Porsche 996 Carrera Coolant cap has been superceded by an improved part that has better resistance to leaking but on this vehicle it had not been replaced.

The biggest expense of the service was the cost of the Mobil 1 (0W/40W) oil - unlike some other cars of similar engine capacity the Porsche 996 Carrera 2 takes nearly 9 litres of oil which with the dreaded VAT came to approx £100 for oil alone. On a related note Halfords had an offer on today with 30% off Mobil 1 oils so I picked up 5 litres for £34.99 to keep for top up.

We are now working through the list of items Precision Porsche identified and resolving them - some will require a visit back to Precision Porsche and others are things we will sort ourselves. While waiting to collect the Porsche 996 Carrera Coupe from them we spotted some very nice examples of older Porsche 911s waiting outside - this lovely 993 coupe and two 911 models from the 1980s.

Precision Porsche specialists - Porsche 911 (Model 996) Carrera 2 Coupe Purchase Inspection Costs
Porsche 911 (Model 996) Carrera 2 Coupe Purchase Inspection Costs

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