Sunday, 11 August 2013

Porsche 911 Unleaded Petrol Feedback - Difference Using Super 98 or Normal 95 Fuel in the Carrera 996 Model

The Owners Manual for the Porche 911 Carrera states that it should be run on Super Unleaded 98RON fuel but can also be run on normal unleaded 95RON.

I needed to fill up today and the petrol station had no super unleaded so I had to use 95 octane normal unleaded.

So what is the difference using normal or super unleaded petrol in a Porsche 911? I tend to use Shell V-Power petrol as there are so many reports of benefits from it as well as the research that Shell carry out.

In terms of performance there seems little difference between the two types of unleaded petrol although the Owner's manual seems to suggest that performance will be reduced with the 95 RON fuel. The biggest difference that I seemed to notice was that the engine was more noisy, less responsive and economy seemed lower than normal - the fuel guage was dropping much faster than the journey home from collecting the car.

Only time will tell how much variation there is between the two fuels but I do intend to use Shell V-Power where possible.

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